Asghar Ali Ghanchi


    About Me.


    Looking for the kind of film makers that will bring your vision engineered with all of their creativity to the table?

    If you’d ask around they’d say we’re the ones!

    Under the lead of Asghar Ali Ghanchi, and his years of diverse experience in film making we are known to have delivered some of the most exciting projects in the country.

    Ghanchi is a technically sound filmmaker, with a cut above the ordinary imagination to fuel his projects. He sports a strong passion for creating all sorts of films, you name it he has probably already done it!
    From TVCs to DVCs, from short films to feature films, from web series to documentaries!

    He cherishes new work experiences and loves working with a variety of actors and crew members from many different experience levels, and guided by the Holy narrative he brings out the best in an actor, the script, and the production!

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