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    Asghar Ali Ghanchi is a Pakistani Film Director & Cinematographer. With his years of experience in the film industry and advertising arena, he is known for some of the most exciting projects in the country including international award-winning films.

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    I an award-winning Director, Cinematographer, and Creative Director with almost five years of experience in the film production and advertising arena. During this period, I delivered hundreds of creative projects including short films, music videos, corporate videos, documentaries, and commercials through my own production company and also whilst working for other organizations. Having operated a multitude of motion picture film and digital cinema cameras on a wide variety of projects and environments over the years, I have extensive Cinematography knowledge and Direction experience. As an active member of the Film Society, I am continually developing my talents and developing new skills.

    A polished Filmmaker who understands film inside out. With the experience of being an integral part of diverse films throughout the film industry. Backed by a strong passion for creating adverts and commercials, paired with an unusual knack for independent films. From commercial productions to documentaries, TVCs, DVCs, and Films, Ghanchi has got you covered for everything.

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